The Indonesia International Hydrogen Summit (IIHS) 2024 is an annual gathering of industry experts, researchers, and stakeholders focused on advancing the development and utilization of geothermal energy. This year's conference theme is Hydrogen and Ammonia at the Forefront of Energy Transition in Indonesia, reflecting the critical role of hydrogen and ammonia in addressing the national energy challenges.

IIHS 2024 brings together a diverse group of professionals to share knowledge, exchange ideas, and collaborate on the latest developments in geothermal energy technology, policy, and economics. Through keynote speeches, CEO talk, and business talk presentations, attendees at the IIHS 2024 gain insights into the latest research findings, industry trends, and innovative solutions in hydrogen and ammonia industries.

Topics covered at the conference may include grand policy, hydrogen and ammonia investment opportunities, low-carbon hydrogen project financing, renewables potential, hydrogen for power generation, and recent updates in Indonesia. In addition to the formal sessions, the IIHS 2024 offers opportunities for networking, business development, and collaboration through exhibition spaces, social events, and informal meetings.

IIHS 2024 also provides a platform for government officials, industry leaders, and other stakeholders to discuss policy and regulatory issues related to hydrogen and ammonia development. This year's theme highlights the potential for hydrogen and ammonia to be a key solution to the energy transition and energy security challenges facing the world today.

Whether you are an industry veteran or a newcomer to the field, the summit offers a valuable opportunity to learn from and connect with leading experts in hydrogen and ammonia sectors. By participating in this conference, attendees contribute to the growth and advancement of this important and rapidly evolving field.

We are looking forward to have you in IIHS 2024.

IIHS 2024 Event Series