PLN, HDF to launch RI's first hydrogen power plant next year

State-owned electricity firm PT PLN (Persero) and PT HDF Energy Indonesia, a local subsidiary of Hydrogène de France SA (HDF Energy), aim to replace a diesel power plant with a hydrogen-based power plant on Sebira Island, part of the Seribu Islands in Jakarta. “We will replace the diesel power plant on Sebira Island with hydrogen. The plan is in May 2024 with HDF,” stated Ricky Andrian, VP for Business Development of PLN, on Friday.

According to his presentation slide, the hydrogen requirement for the power plant conversion program is estimated to be around 0.03 KTPA and will be supplied from Priok. The genset capacity to be replaced with a hydrogen fuel cell is 2x125 kVA and 1x250 kVA. During the recent COP28 in Dubai, the two companies sealed a business agreement with a focus on advancing the development of a hydrogen fuel cell hybrid power plant within the Indonesian market. Beyond hydrogen production, PLN and HDF Energy plan to collaborate on advancing the utilization of hydrogen through electrolysis processes, converting it into electricity to meet the needs of remote and underserved regions.

In addition to their commitment to green hydrogen, both companies have outlined joint initiatives for the development of baseload and non-intermittent renewable energy-based power plants. The collaborative efforts extend to battery and hydrogen technologies, with a keen interest in establishing a Joint Venture Company for renewable energy projects in Indonesia's Eastern regions, starting with Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara.